Hippo Bag Collection

Hippo Bag Collection

Reliable, Cheap, Fast Hippo Bag Collection Service…

  • Cheaper than Hippowaste
  • Can be completed within 24 hours

We collect many Hippobags every week which benefits our customers in many ways. Our Hippobag collection service will require 24 hours’ notice and we can collect the Hippo waste from anywhere on the property. Alternatively, we offer our own Skip bag service which is more cost-effective.  Our costs to collect Midibag, Mega bag or the Hipposkip are surprisingly lower than contacting Hippo Bags directly!

This is because we dispose of the rubbish at our in-house waste transfer station. Hippo Waste disposes of rubbish at external waste transfer sites making the cost increase for the customer.

Why Use Waste King to collect Hippo Bags

The Fast, Reliable, Cheap,Hippo Bag Collection Service Provider…

  • We can offer a service cheaper than Hippowaste
  • Your Hippo bag collection can be completed within 24 hours.
  • Do your bit for the enviroment - 98% landfill diversion
  • We can collect your Hippo bag from anywhere
  • We can remove any extra items around your Hippobag
  • We sweep up the area after the collection

Waste King Skip Bags – The HippoBag Alternative

We deliver our skip bags to your door and the delivery is free. Our waste bags and collection of rubbish are the most cost-effective in the UK. HIPPOBAG must be as close as 4 meters and use a crane to lift the HIPPOBAG, our teams remove the Hippo waste from anywhere on the property and we can remove items that Hippo Waste is not licensed.


Fill out the below form for a fast, free and no obligation quotation in regards to our Skip Bag services…

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Skip Bag Hire Services

  • We provide a range of excellent  Skip Bag services for homes and businesses in your area! Covering many areas, we are your friendly local Skip Bag provider.

  • Our helpful team are always on hand to answer any questions you might have, or to advise on how best to use our services for your requirements.  Simply give us a call!

  • Simplicity is the name of the game – we don’t weigh you down with extra hassle! We ensure everything is as easy as it can be for our customers, by organising any paperwork and permits required for each job.

  • We match any appropriate quotes you may have for the same service! Waste King can save you both time and money.

  • See if you require a skip permit – This may be required by your council

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HippoBag Collection FAQs

What can you put in a Hippo bag?

If you choose to use Hippobag or skip bag to recycle your waste, we can explain what types of waste you can place inside the Hippobag to make sure the Hippobag collection service we offer is efficient.

  • Bathroom & Kitchen renovation, repairs & refurbishment of waste
  • Furniture (broken down or as it is)
  • Wood
  • Soil rubble in some bag sizes
  • Clothe, shoes
  • Glass and glass windows
  • Carpet, flooring material, carpet tiles, and underlay, wood flooring*
  • Construction, builders, trade & DIY waste
  • Garden waste, garden refuse, and cuttings
  • Metal
  • Packaging, cardboard, and paper including plastic.
  • Roofing Material, guttering, felt, roof tiles

What can’t you place in a Hippo Bag?

There are many items that are prohibited from placing in your Hippo bag. If items listed below are placed in the bag you could receive a waste journey for the Hippobag collection. The main items are hazardous waste for example asbestos, clinical waste, liquids, oily/rags, and batteries.

  • Electrical appliances
  • Paint
  • Big tree roots
  • Mattresses
  • Food waste
  • Tyres
  • Cement
  • Sawdust
  • Gypsum

How does Hippo Waste collect the Hippo bag?

If you choose Hippowaste to remove your bag, they use Hippowaste trucks with a mechanical grab/arm to lift the bag up which has weight limits. The truck must be within a short distance to collect the bag normally within 4 meters. Waste King Skip bag service can collect within 20 meters and also remove prohibited items that Hippo Waste can not recycle.

Why would I receive a waste journey from Hippo Waste?

There are many reasons for a failure to collect a Hippobag. The bag could be placed too far away for the mechanical arm to collect or there can be prohibited items inside the Hippo bag. Hippo trucks are HGV meaning they are very large and may have restrictions down small narrow roads. Alternatively, we can collect Hippobag or supply our own Waste bags to your property and our trucks are smaller which allows us to get to most locations.

Where can I buy a Hippo Bag?

Hippo waste has an option to buy online through their website or you can purchase the bags from DIY retailers like Wicks or B&Q. Other internet companies like Amazon are another way to purchase a Hippos bag. There are other companies that supply the same size and strength bags like a Skip bag and we can collect the bag through a man and van rubbish collector.

How much does it cost to remove a Hippo Bag?

There are three sizes of Hippo bags, and each size is a different cost.

Midi Bag – collection fee £189.99 Inc VAT

Mega Bag – collection fee £189.99 Inc VAT

Hippo Bag – collection fee £299.99 Inc VAT

Collecting a Hippo Bag through our service is considerably cheaper.

What is the cost to have my Hippo bag collected by another supplier?

There are plenty of other options to have the Hippo bag collected. If the bag is not full of soil or rubble, we can collect the Hippo bag. Most customers save money on lighter materials like bulky furniture or general light commercial or domestic waste.

Midi Bag – collection fee £138 Inc VAT Saving £51.99p

Mega Bag – collection fee £148.80p Inc VAT Saving £41.19p

Hippo Bag – collection fee £228 Inc VAT Saving £71.99p

Why is collecting a Hippo Bag through another supplier like Waste King cheaper?

The vehicles we use to collect the Hippos Bag are smaller and more fuel efficient meaning it cost us less to collect. We also process the rubbish through our own waste transfer station and Hippo Waste will generally tip their bags at an external waste transfer station like our facility. This pushes the cost up for the customer. Alternatively, you can book online our bag service

What are the sizes for Hippo bags?

Hippo Waste only offers three sizes in total.


Product details

(L)90cm x (W)90cm x (H)90cm

Weight allowance: 1 tonne


Product details

(L)180cm x (W)90cm x (H)70cm

Weight allowance: 1.5 tonnes


Product details

(L)210cm x (W)165cm x (H)100cm

Weight allowance: 1.5 tonnes

What sizes are the bags and are there any other sizes for bags rather than the usual three sizes Hippo Waste use?

The good news we supply 4 Skip bags that are very similar to the bags Hippo Waste supplies. For example, we supply:

Our 1.2 Cubic yard SMALL Skip bag – slightly bigger than Midi Bag Hippo Bag but much cheaper.

Bag Size: 90cm x 90cm x 110cm

Our 1.5 Cubic yard MEDIUM Skip bag – same size as the Hippo Waste Mega Bag but much more cost-effective.

Bag Size: 180cm x 90cm x 70cm

Our 3.6 Cubic yard LARGE Skip bag – Waste King is the only supplier in the UK to offer this size. The Mega Bag is 1.5 cubic yards, and the next size bag is the HippoBag which is 4.5 cubic yards, a huge jump in size.

Bag Size: 250cm x 130cm x 85cm

Our 4.5 Cubic yard HUGE skip bag – same size compared to the HippoBag although the cost is £71.66 Inc VAT less.

Bag Size: 210cm x 165cm x 100cm

How do man and van bag removal collect Hippo Bags?

It’s as straightforward as ordering our rubbish removal service online. We would collect via our insured and licensed team to remove the bag. The team will even sweep and tidy the area around the bag. Teams can remove extra waste located around the bag that might have struggled to fit inside.

You can book a bag on our online booking nationwide.

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I originally called up to enquire about a skip. Spoke to a very knowledgeable lady about what I needed and decided on a man with a van service as this was cheaper. Two days later, a man turns up with a big van and clears up all the rubbish on my drive and garage. Professional, polite and highly recommeded.

Angela Williams

This is my first time using WK and I am so pleased that I choose them. I had a friendly conversation to arrange delivery. The skip was delivered on time and placed on my drive to also accommodate my car. Haven't filled it yet but will do very soon.

William Croot

Always quick, efficient and friendly. Had several collections from WK during the renovation of my house. Tightness of access was a problem for skips but not for WK in their van based vehicles. Would recommend without doubt.

Roger Kemp

Great company to do business with, have had three skips from them over the past year. All dropped off and collected on the correct date and very competitively priced. Highly recommended

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